Top 10 Places to Eat in Grand Bend

Wherever you go on vacation, you always want to find a great spot to sit down and eat to share some of the memories you have made with your family and friends. Grand Bend has many places to offer that you will remember and return to during your next visit.

Whatever you’re in the mood to eat, you’ll be able to find it in Grand Bend. The eateries through the city cater to every flavour, classic menu items, fusion and seating arrangement you’re looking for. Vegan and Vegetarian options are available in most eateries throughout Grand Bend, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a casual setting, want to look out at the beach while eating, or want a more sophisticated restaurant, Grand Bend has it all. Looking for a place that specializes in desserts? Or want to find a place that caters to the brunch crowd? You can find all of this and more while searching for a place to enjoy your next meal in Grand Bend.

There are chain restaurants there you can find in every city or tourist town, but the hidden gems are those that are unique to the place you’re visiting. This list will detail the 10 best places that are not only unique to Grand Bend, but are loved by tourists and locals alike.

1. F.I.N.E. a Restaurant

Friends bringing family and friends together for a casual dining experience. F.I.N.E. opened its doors in August of 2005 and has been the top choice in Grand Bend due to their exciting daily specials, reasonable pricing, and excellent quality food. Giving their customers a good, welcoming time during their visit has been the top priority of head chef and owner Erryn Shephard.

Open for lunch, dinner, and dessert year-round, F.I.N.E. is a place that will leave customers impressed, using local ingredients to make their regional cuisine dishes. Customers often leave and come back with their friends or other family members to give them the same great experience each time they sit down either in the comfortable dining room or on their spacious patio. Located just south of the main intersection on highway 21 in Grand Bend, be sure to check them out the next time you’re visiting Grand Bend.

2. Paddington’s Pub

Not only a pub, but Paddington’s is also an eatery and alehouse that has excellent food and live music. With a fusion of British and Canadian food, Paddington’s has two year-round specials that celebrate them. Thursdays are Fish and Chips, and Sundays are Prime Rib, but those are just the specials. If the specials alone won’t draw you in, the fact that one person could eat for $20 or less might. With both gluten-free and vegetarian options available, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you are eating out on the patio or enjoying the quaint indoor seating, you will be able to enjoy lunch or dinner with a great home-cooked meal. Supporting local breweries, you will be able to try one of the many savoury craft beers available on tap. If you want great customer service and even better food, visit Paddington’s in Grand Bend during your next visit.

3. The Lake Hound

A family legacy that began in 1955, taking a slight break in the 90s, the Lake Hound was back in the family when it opened in 2006. Named after being so close to the lake and the family loving dogs, the restaurant has a growing focus on having healthier options on the menu. Delicious options for vegans and vegetarians, the healthy choices on the menu are standout. Exceptional service brightens up the atmosphere while enjoying their loved avocado wraps and fresh salads.

There are several favourites on the menu that are staples, such as Udon noodles served with peanut sauce, vegetables, sesame seeds, and peanuts with the option to add chicken. Nearly every item on the menu can be turned into a vegan or vegetarian dish. That is what sets the Lake Hound apart, giving customers the option to make healthier choices, no matter what menu item they choose.

4. Midori Sushi Bar

Beginning as a small catering and takeout business in 2010, Midori’s customer growth had expanded so much that in just three short years, it moved to a larger location with a patio and a liquor license. A Japanese-central menu, Midori is known for their sushi, as well as stir-fries, salads, and even have a delicious mouth-watering turkey burger. It is a quiet, welcoming place to bring a date, enjoy lunch with friends, catering for a business lunch, or takeout for a night in with tasty food.

No matter what occasion, there is always room for sushi, and Midori will always be there to bring you a great dining experience. Tina Hayter, owner and operator of Midori, won the Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur award in 2013, which gave her confidence in her efforts running her restaurant. After visiting Midori, you will see why this award-winning restaurant is loved by sushi enthusiasts.

5. Growling Gator Bar

This lakeside restaurant is best enjoyed from May to October with the patio dining looking out on Lake Huron. The Growling Gator is open during the fall and winter months for indoor dining and take out. The award-winning recipes have been favourites of local residents of Grand Bend as well as those on vacation for several years.

From tasty seafood, chicken, and steaks to the classic sandwiches and burgers, the customers continue to come back several times, encouraging their friends and family to enjoy the great dining experience as well as the lakeside view. A casual and relaxed place, you will be greeted by friendly and welcoming staff as you choose to sit inside or on the deck, taking in the sunset over Lake Huron. If you’re looking for a place to be on Grand Bend Beach, look no further than the Growling Gator for a great time with family or friends.

6. Denny’s Drive-In

A 1950’s style takeout restaurant that specializes in fresh-cut french fries, Denny’s Drive-In has a large picnic seating area for the whole family to enjoy. From the fries to hamburgers and hotdogs, it is the best place to go for a quick bite in Grand Bend. They may not have a large menu; the quality of food is enough to keep customers coming back. There’s nothing like enjoying a nice Super Shake with Fish and Chips after a long day at the beach. Pull your car up to Denny’s Drive-In and enjoy an ice cream sundae with your family once, and you’ll be making it a staple during all of your trips to Grand Bend. Make it the place to create new memories and think back on the hours spent at the sunny beach with tasty fast food.

7. Schoolhouse Restaurant

Specializing in dishes made from scratch using the finest ingredients, the Schoolhouse Restaurant desires to make every customer’s experience the best possible in Grand Bend using fresh, home-style, and simple recipes. It’s not just the food that brings customers back to the Schoolhouse. The friendly staff, cozy indoor atmosphere, and patio outside give the customers a pleasant dining experience.

Whether you want to enjoy a meal or just relax with a delicious dessert, a cup of coffee, craft beer, or a glass of wine, the Schoolhouse is a great place to enjoy any day of the year. Converted from an actual schoolhouse, the history that still holds true throughout the rooms of the restaurant is something that gives the Schoolhouse some extra charm that sets it apart from all other restaurants in Grand Bend. It can be very busy for dinner, so calling for a reservation is recommended to avoid waiting when you arrive.

8. Hobo Piez

The best place for desserts in Grand Bend, Hobo Piez is a place that customers can walk in and enjoy great fast food like poutine, sandwiches, and pizza, and follow it up with a piece of peanut butter pie. Customers love the openness of the seating outside and the atmosphere surrounding the incredible service from the staff, who is always happy to serve you. They are most known for their pies, which remind some customers of the ones from McDonald’s, except they have many more flavours and taste so much better. Everything is made to order, and the customers continue to return to eat some of their favourites, including the Banana Boat, which is a deep-fried banana with peanut butter and chocolate. Find your favourites when you visit Hobo Piez. You’re bound to have a favourite that you will always go for.

9. Riverbend Pizzeria

After her mom closed the Riverbend Bar and Grill, Tracey and her husband Don opened Riverbend Pizzeria in 2014. Probably the youngest restaurant on this list, but the quality of food and home-like atmosphere makes you feel like it’s been around for decades. Obviously being known for their pizza, the Riverbend Pizzeria has daily specials that showcase wings, wedges, and salads.

Whether you want to pick up a pizza to take to your cottage or dine inside, you will be met with food whose quality exceeds the price. Made with the freshest ingredients, when you think of pizza when you go to Grand Bend, you will immediately think of the Riverbend Pizzeria. You will want to bring your family and friends to also enjoy the dining experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

10. The Bend Eatery

The best place in Grand Bend to have breakfast and lunch is the Bend Eatery. Great portions, amazing prices, you walk in hungry and leave feeling stuffed with happiness. While it may not be open past 2:00 in the afternoon, it allows customers to start their day off with a hearty meal. The menu is stacked with classic breakfast items such as eggs, pancakes, waffles, and french toast, as well as lunch items, including wraps, sandwiches, and burgers.

Start your day off right by stopping at The Bend Eatery, conveniently located on the Bend. Enjoy the food and atmosphere while starting your day before relaxing on the beach or at your cottage. There is no better place to enjoy breakfast or lunch made to order with the freshest ingredients. You will not want to start off your days in Grand Bend any other way.

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