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One of most visited cities in Ontario, Grand Bend is known for its beach, but there is so much more to experience. Walking down Main Street is an experience all its own. The feelings, souvenirs, and memories that you can get on Main Street is something that everyone should have at least once in their life.

While walking down Main Street, you can host a bachelor party while throwing axes, you can have a swimsuit custom to your form, or buy authentic South East Asian jewels in great one-of-a-kind pieces. There are souvenirs you can find for anyone in your circle of loved ones.

One of the key points of Main Street is being home of the first place to offer merchandise of the Great Lakes, Archies Surf Shop. There are two locations on Main Street, so if you can’t find something on one end of the street, just keep walking and you’re sure to find it at the other location.

From family-friendly adventures, such as mini-golf, to enjoying the nightlife at Gables, there is never a shortage of fun to be had on Main Street. Discover more about the top ten things that Grand Bend’s Main Street has to offer in the list below.

1. Archies Surf Shop

Since 1989, Archies has been the best place to go for souvenir apparel, not only in Grand Bend, but anywhere on the shores of the Great Lakes. Using the lifestyle of living on the lake as an inspiration, Archies was the first to create merchandise for the Great Lakes. Stopping at Archies will allow you to pick a souvenir for anyone in the family. At its core, Archies is home to the most authentic, sought-after, and unique merchandise from a vast array of brands.

In addition to selling apparel, they also sell plush toys, candy, and accessories. Whether you are a kid, a kid-at-heart, or an adult, there is something for everyone to enjoy, wear and have memories associated with them. A day or trip in Grand Bend is not complete without a trip to Archies. Grab a t-shirt, a plush toy, or even a vinyl sticker for your vehicle.

2. Grand Bend Mini Golf

With many historic buildings that have come and gone in Grand Bend, it is nice to be able to go somewhere to see them referenced. That place is Grand Bend Mini Golf. Only costing $8 per person, it is a great way to spend quality time and friendly competition with family or friends. The 18-hole course has holes that represent historic buildings and monuments such as the Colonial Hotel, and buildings that are no longer operating such as the original lighthouse and the casino.

Framed pictures that are dotted throughout the course reference the original buildings, as well as miniature replicas. Regardless of the hot weather, there is a tree canopy that covers the whole course, providing shady relief from the heat. Formerly known as Sam’s Playing Field and Mini Putt, this course may be under new ownership, but it still is packed with the same amount of fun for the whole family.

3. Sea Jewels

If you’re walking down Main Street and are looking for an accessory that you can wear or look at and remember your time in Grand Bend, Sea Jewels is the place to go. Mainly focused on jewelry, this shop is home to some of South East Asia’s most unique hand-crafted pieces and offers them to you.

With reasonable prices, this shop is open year-round to shop for accessories for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for jewelry, handbags, scarves, or clothing, you can find it all and more at Sea Jewels. The owner of the shops makes a trip to South East Asia for several weeks to bring back the best accessories to Ontario and showcase them at their stores to sell. If you’re looking for a new ring, necklace, or bracelet with cultured pearls or different stones, look no further. Sea Jewels has something for everyone, whether it be for you or a gift for a loved one.

4. River Adventures

For those who are adventurous and want to explore the water in new ways, River Adventures is the place for you. With rentals of boats,kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddle boats, there are many different options to explore Lake Huron. Not only can you enjoy this equipment with a loved one or two, the hard canoes and dinghies are pet friendly, so you can bring your pup along for the smooth ride along the shoreline on a canoe or go further in the water with a picnic on a dinghy.

During the summer, kids and teens can join paddle clubs where they will learn how to safely maneuver the equipment and how to tie different marine knots. This is a great chance for young ones to learn water safety. Guided tours are also available for those who want to learn more about the water without having to operate any equipment.

5. Chachi’s Axe Throwing

A great place to unleash your frustration or just have fun with friends, Chachi’s Axe Throwing Field is the first of its kind in Grand Bend. There are 8 ranges throughout the field and two people to each range. For the low price of $10.00 for 30 minutes per person, this is an activity that anyone who has had the safety training can enjoy. It’s most suitable for teens and adults, and can be enjoyed for nearly any occasion or just to have some fun throwing axes and letting out your primal side. This indoor field is open year-round and is probably the most fun you’ll have for $10. If you’re in Grand Bend and looking for a place to host a birthday party, corporate event, or bachelor/bachelorette party, Chachi’s Axe Throwing Field is by far the best place to go. Even if you don’t have something to celebrate, it’s guaranteed fun.

6. Gables

Though Grand Bend is famous for its beach and daytime activities, Gables gives you something to enjoy after the sun goes down. This pub is home to live music every night and great food. Once the kids are tucked in bed, it’s a great place for adults to unwind and enjoy the atmosphere. With many great bands coming through the Grand Bend area, the only place to see them live in Grand Bend is at Gables. Aside from the music, they have a menu that the locals love and visitors will never forget.

If you’re trying to find a place to let loose after a long day at the beach, Gables is the place to be. Some of the big names that have played at Gables include Three Days Grace former frontman Adan Gontier, Harlequin, Prism and Big Wreck. Whether you know the band or discover new music, Gables will always deliver a good time.

7. Culture Shock Kombucha

The first Kombucha brewery in Lambton Shores, Culture Shock Kombucha is located on Main Street. Led by two registered holistic nutritionists who use only local, high quality, and organic ingredients. The main three ingredients are Reverse Osmosis water, freshly pressed juice and locally sourced tea. Being something that is unique to Grand Bend if you’re in the area, trying out Kombucha can be something that you can do while you’re there.

Regardless of any allergy you may have, anyone can drink it. Each bottle is raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO. While it may not seem like it fits on this list, the ability to go in for a tasting is definitely something you can add to the list of things to do on Main Street. You can go in and try out all of the available flavours. Take a walk down Main Street and try something new. Try some Kombucha.

8. Xtreme Water Sports

Where River Adventures allows you to rent canoes and paddle boats, Xtreme Watersports has jet-skis, speed boats, water trampolines and the ability to try flyboarding. Worth the money for the experience to enjoy the water at an extreme level. Being able to take your friends out on a speedboat or jump on a trampoline in the water makes a day at the beach into a fun adventure at Grand Bend Beach. Xtreme Watersports has 20 years experience in providing fun on the water.

In addition to the jet skis, speedboats and trampolines, they also offer wakeboards, tubes, waterskis, and kneeboards. Whatever fun activity you want to have on the water, Xtreme Watersports has the tools you need to help you start and execute your adventure. Who doesn’t want to have fun on the water? Enjoy the water to the fullest after renting equipment from Xtreme Watersports on Main Street.

9. Glass In Motion

Opened in 2013, Sharon and Garry White decided to have a second location of their glass shops where you can buy lamp-worked focal earrings, pendants, and fused artwork made of glass. More than just a shop, Glass in Motion is also home to their signature Funshops where they allow anyone , regardless of their skill level, to create a souvenir or gift. The Funshops are held three times a day in July and August and in September to December, they are by appointment only.

The price to make a project ranges from anywhere between $8 and $30. That price is worth making a gift for a loved one or a souvenir to record your visit to Grand Bend. Families can make this a bonding activity or friends can enjoy making friendship glass gifts. Birthday parties can also be hosted at Glass in Motion to make unique pieces to take home and either wear or hang in your window.

10. Kazwear Swimwear

While there are many stores that sell swimwear, Kazwear Swimwear is a company that takes pride in selling ladies swimwear for every body shape. Whether you’re size 6 or size 26, the employees of Kazwear are fully trained to make the swimsuit to fit your body and make you feel confident when you’re wearing it.

With a wide variety of fabrics, you can choose whether you want a suit that is better for performance in water aerobics, or cruise wear to make you look good while feeling great. The “fit experts” at Kazwear Swimwear are masters of customer service and take into account whatever is ailing or hindering the self esteem of their clients. They offer specialty cup sizes, and will build swimwear for post-mastectomy customers. There’s nothing worse than going on a beach vacation and having a swimsuit that you don’t feel comfortable in. That can be changed with one visit to Kazwear Swimwear on Main Street.

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